Sunday, June 12, 2011


So I purchased the Pixie Plus Craft Machine by Singer. AWESOME!! It has both negative and positive reviews online, but it's all positive on this end! Here are some photos of my newest addiction...

Pillows.....My sewing machine came with lots of different thread and bobbins. I also picked up a 5 pack of quilting squares for $9.99 when I was at Joann's. I used these to make 3 pillows. 

All of this sewing makes somebody sleeeeeeepy! And of course he has to be wherever Mommy is. Silly boy.


 Dun Dun DUNNNN.....and then when nobody is looking....Caliber eats my favorite one. Mission repair!

 This is his "I'm sorry Mommy" rub.

Let's make some flowers to decorate over it...


Next...the Duvet cover. Two king flat sheets from Walmart $15 each and 9 buttons $.67 for 2.

My messy work station.

Proof that I am in fact the seamstress ;-)

Pins, pins, and more pins! The two sheets somehow managed to be a little off in size. The green was a little longer and wider after washing and drying. I made it work though.

Shhh...don't tell anyone I cut the tag. Or is that just for mattresses?

That's a lot for my mini sewing machine to handle...

Even with pins, it wasn't perfect. Mainstays tried...they are nice quality though!

My first attempts at making button holes! Thanks mom for giving me the pointers!'s all done but no big reveal until the rest of the room is finished! I have more in store to turn our romantic bedroom into a beach bungalow master. Stay tuned...

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