Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PA and Independence

Two weeks ago I made a trip to surprise my Mimi. She had no idea I was driving up to PA to visit her and attend our annual family reunion. I was also able to visit with my Godparents from Nashville :-) Here are some pics.

 I think I'll stay away from this place....
                                         of course Queen Street may be fit for a queen like me ;-)

 Caliber had a visit last week...

                                        Aww...Ghost and Caliber are so cute!

  This past weekend my sister-in-law Leeann, nephew MJ and I went to Windsor for the 4th weekend. My in-laws live out in the country in a beautiful old farm house. They have two acres of land with a garden, flowers, and everything else beautiful you can imagine. I'm looking forward to more weekends at my in-laws. It is a wonderful get-a-way and my mother-in-law taught me some handy cooking tips. Here are pictures of MJ and Papaw in the pool and the beautiful landscape. We went to Smithfield for fireworks Sunday night.

Home grown beens and tomatoes!